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Where was I born? In one of the most magical and festive cities in the world... New Orleans, LA.

When did I first know I loved design? Since I was a child, I cared about exactly how each room made me feel. My mother's fashion and home decor magazines were never safe because I would tear out pages to create my own aspirational mood boards in my room. I would rearrange things around the house which probably drove my parents crazy!

How is my approach different? Your surroundings have such an impact on all aspects of your life, so you should love every view you take in. Each room should reflect you and your homes’ own personal story. I really focus on working with you to create an environment that will be loved and remembered.

Where are my favorite travels? I think the cities that have had the most impact on me are Battambang, Cambodia; Paris, France; San Miguel, Mexico and Cape Town, South Africa. They are all so different but have such a rich, soulful culture in common.



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